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Turkish Van kitten. The Turkish Van is a semi-long-haired, standardised breed of domestic cat, which was developed in the United Kingdom from a selection of cats obtained from various cities of modern Turkey, especially southeast Turkey.

They need plenty of exercise which can come from exploring outdoors or playing with interactive cat toys.


Not to be confused with Turkey's other cat export, the Turkish. 5 Fascinating Facts about Turkish Van Cats. Turkish Vans are medium to large size cats, weighing anywhere from 10-20 pounds.

A white Turkish Van cat named Hénri, who lives in Toronto with his beloved human Megan, has unique markings above his eyes that look like expressive, laughingsquid.

. These furry cats are fun-loving, curious, and highly energetic, who like to play, jump and explore. The breed is rugged and large-bodied with a very distinctive color pattern.

She demonstrates her athletic. Turkish Van cats formed one cluster as the most aggressive breed.

The Turkish Van is a large, muscular yet elegant cat with a pure white body and distinctive coloured head and tail.


Noodles is an adoptable Cat - Turkish Van & Domestic Short Hair Mix searching for a forever family near Export, PA. We show and breed.

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However, these cats were rare even in the country of their origin.
Fortunately, cat breeders have taken care to preserve this cat breed.

The Turkish van is a naturally occurring cat breed that originated in the mountains of Turkey.

The cat known in the United States as the Turkish Van is a rare and ancient breed that developed in central and southwest Asia, which today encompasses the countries of Iran, Iraq, southwest Soviet Union and eastern Turkey.

. A research centre in the city is dedicated to protecting the prized breed from goi. Turkish Vans are not recommended for families with very young children, as they are muscular and often stand on their back.

Van” is a common term in the region that has been given to a number of towns, villages and even a lake – Lake Van. The Turkish Van cats, also referred to as the swimming cats, are domestic cats. Turkish Van cats weight and size are slightly larger than other species. Turkish Vans were not taken to the United States until the year 1982. .

Their wide heads are wedge-shaped and they have little tufts of hair on their ears.

. Turkish Van kitten.

They originated in modern-day Turkey (hence the name) and are thought to have been around for centuries.


Not to be confused with Turkey's other cat export, the Turkish.

Turkish Van Rescue Information: The Turkish Van is a large, mostly white, semi-longhaired cat.