Take out the metal container and load it up with weed, up to an ounce at a time.


The build quality would suggest something more in the range of $50. Toss some whole or pre-ground herb into the chamber which holds up to 1oz (28 grams) of flower or 3-5oz.



Ardent Nova FAQ's. The revolutionary Lift puts the science of Decarboxylation at your fingertips. Definition of small but mighty! The new Ardent MINI features the same patented technology and sleek design as the best-selling Ardent FX in a compact, ultra-convenient size.

Put the weed and oil back into the Ardent.

. How it Works. Yes it is possible to do as good of decarb in the oven, but for many that takes many attempts to get a really good decarb down pat and even then it could go awry due to temperature fluctuations.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Ardent Nova. .


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The all-in-one device for your herb materials, and 4X bigger then the previous Ardent Nova Lift means you can do much more the previously possible. Step 4.

community here at Ardent as we explore new and exciting uses for our FX and, most importantly, don’t keep your newfound methods to yourself! Existing customers probably already know, and new customers will soon realize--we love to educate, share and learn as a community.
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